Back on the trail

Finally settled into the new home.  Great neighborhood, great house.   I invited one of my neighbors over to a crawfish boil and ended up talking (of course) about hiking.  He seemed interested and said he’d like to go some time.

So, I invited him.    We knocked out the Butterfield Hiking Trail Friday overnight into Saturday.   I’ll get some pictures up and do a trail report soon.   Met some good folks on the trail, too.  I’m hoping they’ll check in here and let me know how their trip went.

For them as well as my new friend, it was their first taste of overnight backpacking and their first taste of the Butterfield.    I’m so accustomed to following along behind Kat (who wasn’t able to join us on this hike) that I forget how far I’ve come as a backpacker.   It was a whole lot of fun playing guide and helping folks discover such a beautiful trail.

Also saw that the visitor’s center had new patches, so I couldn’t help myself.



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