Updates & Anecdotes

Around early February, we decided we were fed up with the house.

Isn’t a bad house.  We love the yard.   But the dog was dying.  And the kitchen is too small (we’ve never liked it).   And we can’t fit the family around the little breakfast nook anymore.  The master bathroom is cold.

I spent most of February getting it fixed up, staged, cleaned out.   I’m astonished at the amount of junk that accumulates over ten years of living in a space.  Trips to the recycling center, donations to yard sales, flat-out trashing broken and unusable things.

March got a serious offer on the house quickly, so we found a new home.  Bigger, more open, newer.  My wife said to buy my dream kitchen.  So I did.   That closes soon.   The final week of April is touchy, making sure everything closes happily and on time.   Then I have to unpack.    (I did already dive into the storage barn once and played box-Jenga to access my hiking gear.)

Give me a week or so to unpack, get everything connected and put back in place.   Then I’ll be back.  Lots to write about.

Also. . . turned 40 a couple weeks ago.   Need to write about that, too.  Something significant in most folks’ eyes when you cross over that decade line.

Can’t wait to show off my new kitchen.

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