2015 – Bear Bait & Squirrel make a resolution

Isn’t even New Years yet, but this is worth blogging about.   I’ve written over the past few years about me ‘n the boys.  Momma for the most part has been content to let us go do our wilderness thing.

But then, about six months ago, she took up a new hobby – running.  I’ve done two 5k races with her since then. While I still consider myself more of a hiker than a runner – the two sports do have a lot in common.

Squirrel, around the dinner table the other night, said that he wants mom to come with him on our next hike.    Bear Bait agreed so much that he made her a camp sammich (1 slice bread, 1 slice American cheese) for dinner.   Seriously.     So the focus of this blog is going to change a bit this year.   We’re all going to get her out on the trail.   She’s done some dayhikes with us, but our goal is to get her on an overnight.

Bear Bait has a new pack that I’m going to write about as soon as he gets to break it in on its first hike.  Squirrel is turning 6 in a few days and is MUCH more reliable in his advanced age when it comes to not running off into the night or base jumping off of cliffs (something I never had to worry about with his brother.)

The first overnight with Momma is set for the first pretty & warmish Spring weekend – so we have a few months left to get her started.   I know I have a few lady hikers who read the blog – please offer suggestions & links in the comments for how me ‘n the boys can make this first hike most successful for her.

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