Bear Bait’s (revised) list

We talked about his list and brainstormed a few other essentials.  While we were eating dinner with his grandparents this afternoon, I sketched out a little graphic organizer for him to fill out.  Here is his revised list:

I think he’s pretty set on the hot dogs, so I’m going to make sure that happens.  Notice how he went from big nife to khukri.  How’s that for specific details?   However, we don’t pack in blades any bigger than the one on my Leatherman.  I asked him why he wanted a big knife and he explained that it was to help us gather wood for a campfire – to cook the hot dogs.   That tells me there’s a chance for me to talk about only using established fire rings and only gathering dead wood – but that can wait for the trail.  I still like that he was thinking ahead.

oat meal for breakfast and grape Kool-Aid.

Also, please notice the wise choice of sleeping gear:  hamics and sleeping-bags.  I’ve made a hanger out of my boy, and he’s only just getting started!   Took me thirty years longer to figure out that bit of backwoods comfort.   I’m working on teaching him about temperatures and weather reports, so that’s why I wrote the weekend high and low.  He wasn’t going to bring sleeping bags until I gave him an idea about how cool 50-degrees is.

Also, it appears that we will be wearing underwar, pants, and pagamas.  That is probably for the best.

Pre-pack Walmart haul:

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