Bear Bait’s food list

As I posted here, part of backpacking with kids is to give them a little responsibility for the hike.  My #1 son will be with me and yesterday I gave him the job of writing down a list of food.  While he was writing this out, I was giving #2 a bath and so all revisions are his own.   If you examine the list, you’ll notice a few important things:

1. camp sandwichis are entirely too important to be hyphenated.  Two years ago, Kat and I took the boys (then 4 and 3 yrs old) down to the Buffalo River.  We set up a base camp at Steel Creek and then spent about four days hiking all over the place.  Hawksbill Crag, Hideout Hollow, various other spots.  (I’ll have to write some time about how we got two little boys down into Hideout Hollow.)  We underestimated the ravenous nature of boys who spend all day long either swimming, running, or climbing.  Camp sandwiches are simply a slice of white bread and a slice of yella cheese.  Both boys ate about a million of them before, during, and after meal time while on the river.

2. hot dogs and ham Burgurs are not necessarily “Meat

3. fresH fish may not be the best thing to bring on a backpacking trip.

I do believe he is well on his way to mastering the woodsmanly art of backpacking Arkansas.

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