“. . it’s a wonder I can think at all.”

I have some leave coming up that I have to take, about three days.  The last three of the week.   February is one of my favorite times to hike and we’ve had such mild weather lately that it has been just one extended spring instead of anything resembling winter.

If it looks nice enough, I think I’m going to pull Bear Bait out of school the last two days and take him out on an extended hike with me.  I’ll tell his teacher, of course.   And he’ll have to do his whole week of homework by Tuesday night.  He’s smart, though, and makes straight A’s.  Even if he does miss a couple days of instruction, this is worth it.

I’ve also started talking with him about being a guest blogger here.  He has a little laptop that I got him for his 8th birthday that he uses mostly for Minecraft and watching youtube videos (about Minecraft).  Kat jokes that the two reasons he keeps hiking with me are the food and the narcissistic enjoyment of reading about his hikes through another person’s eyes.   I think it’ll be very interesting to read what Bear Bait has to report.


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