What we left behind . . .

A text from Kat tonight asking if he left something in my truck gave me an idea.  When he was trying to hump all three packs back toward the rock wall on Cecil Cove Loop, best guess is that he either dropped or accidentally left behind his summit bag.  I’m pretty sure we got the important stuff all the way to the truck . . . namely the keys and Grap . . . but we’re pretty intent about leaving no trace.

And wouldn’t it be cool if one of you happy hikers out on the trail came across it?  It isn’t much, but you know how hikers are about their gear.  We get downright attached no matter how old and ratty it is.  (Kat especially.  You should see the shoes he hikes in.)   If you come across a blue summit bag out there, drop me an email.  It has had some miles on it and it’d be good to see it again.

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  1. Oh and after all you went through! I hope someone found it for you!


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