Life happened

So, Friday night around midnight I was sitting in the E.R. with my wife.  I sort-of expected to end up in the emergency room – but not so quickly and not for these reasons.  After work she complained of chest pains and shortness of breath.  She’s had pain in her chest for about a month now and had been to the doctor several times.  Since she said that the pains were getting worse, and the clinic doc she saw would have sent her in for a CT scan had it not been after business hours.  .  .   (his advice to her was to go immediately Monday morning if it didn’t get better over the weekend) . . . off we went to the E.R.

Nuts to waiting to see if she throws a clot over the weekend.

Good news is that she is clear and they’re treating her for muscle pain.  My boys are probably easier to endure when you’re hopped up on muscle relaxers and pain killers – but I wouldn’t be no kind of husband or dad if I didn’t cancel the hike.

So . . . I unpacked the pack.   Called Kat and apologized.  Gonna spend some time cleaning out flower beds and getting the garden ready for planting.


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