Back to the OHT – eyeballing Sections 2 and 3

Kat and I both decided, for various unrelated reasons, that we needed to add some additional post-grad hours to our transcript.  So, with both of us now taking grad classes (unfortunately at separate institutions – wouldn’t that be a trip), our limited time is even more restrained.

But we made a vow to tackle the whole OHT before August of 2012.   Darn near killed ourselves to yo-yo Section 1 in about 36 hours.  Why stop now?  Spring Break is three weeks away, the weather has held warm and sunny for the entire season.  We’ve got 4 nights, 5 days to knock out as many miles as we can.

Current plan:  Start early Saturday morning, probably at Shores Lake, and aim for about 50 miles.  We’ve ground out more miles in less time before, but Sec 2 and 3 look to have a lot of climbing.

What I’ve done to prepare so far:

* Lost 15 lbs (from 192 to 177 as of today).  Hoping to be below 175 by the time I hit the trail.
* Agreed to trade in my worn pair of high-top, waterproof hiking boots for a pair of worn sneakers.
*  Agreed to trade my willow hiking staff for a pair of aluminum telescoping poles.

That should make things a little easier on my knees.  Now I need to figure out who loves us enough to drive us back to Shores Lake.

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