OHT Section 1 (x2) – coming soon

I’d post more today, but the Vicoprofin is making it hard to concentrate. 40 hours, ~38 miles.

Tuesday: Hit the rail about 6:00 p.m. and night hiked to Frog Bayou Creek. Water was about belly-button deep on me, crossed it twice in the dark to find a good place to climb out. Hiked about three more miles and made camp.

Wednesday: Woke up around 7, hit the trail at 8. Made it to Hurricane Creek by 11 for lunch. Stashed the packs behind a tree and decided to try and make the Shores Lake intersection below White Rock Mt. by 3:00. We did. Hustled back down the mountain to pick up the packs just as night fell. Night hiked up over Dockery Gap and made camp near mile 9.

Thursday: Woke up at 4:15, on the trail by 5. Made it back to Lake Fort Smith State Park at 10:30 – me staggering like a zombie.

Made it to my mother-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving dinner at 12:00.

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