March(ing) Madness

I was sitting out in the blistering heat a few days back, with my back to a fountain in the purposefully remodeled ye-olde-timey square of a local city watching my kids wilt in the heat as they bravely played through this killer summer.  Kat was there, grumbling about how unnatural it is to be getting cabin fever in August.

A combination of being in a crowd, being in the heat, and being stuck indoors for most of the past month had us both squinty-eyed and irritable.  That is when Kat broke out the news.  Spring Break 2012.  Ozark Highlands Trail.

“Which section?”

“All of them.”

“Oh hell yes.”

There was a long pause as we just looked at each other.  I turned to look at Momma and she said, “You two do what you have to do.”

I’ve got about seven months to prepare.   Better get started.

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