Pics coming

I seem to have left my camera’s USB cord at Lake Chicot State Park.  Lots of pictures to post, but I need to head out and buy a new one.   Got one!  Pics now added.

Since the only reason I write is to fill in the spaces for when I’m not actually able to head out, the recent activity here means I’m off of vacation.  Bear Bait has spent the past month heading out into wild and wonderful places with me – and all of a sudden I’m putting in 10 hour days at work.  You know how it is, just trying to pick up the slack from having been gone.  He’s taking the transition kind of hard.  Momma said that yesterday morning he climbed into bed with her and just rested on my pillow until she woke up.  The first words out of his mouth weren’t, “good morning” or even “when’s breakfast?”    They were, “Where’s dad?  Is he going to have to work all day again today?”

Sorry, buddy.   We’ll head out again real soon.

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