Planning for the next hike

Okay, so when am I ever not planning for the next hike?

But there’s one on the horizon, after Easter for sure.  Maybe early May.  Mostly I am waiting for the cicada hatch.  Bear Bait has been messing around in my bin of backpacking gear.  He asked if he could use the Light My Fire utensil to eat dinner with the other night.  He’s worn the headlamp to bed so many times this week that the batteries need replacing.  He even chose to wear his hiking pants, shirt, and sandals to school last week.

Of course I let him.

Because I maybe, just maybe have been drinking coffee out of my metal pack mug.   And I maybe, just maybe have been wearing my favorite pair of wool hiking socks after I wake up in the morning.  And I maybe, just maybe have been missing the faint taste of iodine in my water.

Those bugs better hurry up.   I don’t care if they have been waiting thirteen years already.

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