Spring harvest

That last 20-degree low did a number on my seedlings in the greenhouse.   That’s April for you.  I ain’t mad at her.  She’s too pretty to stay mad at for long.   I salvaged what I could, started a few more seeds to make up for the ones lost.

The leaf lettuce has come in thick and strong enough that I got an entire bowl full of greens just thinning it out.  A little rinse and a few rounds in the spinner, a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I’m amazed each year at how much better things taste fresh out of the soil.  This year I mixed several packages of leaf lettuce mixes so that I don’t even know what all is growing.   Hell, I could be munching on a little fescue in that mix for all I know.  (I did find out my compost pile didn’t kill off all the grass seeds.  Gotta keep an eye on that.)

My mint has finally come up thick enough that I can start making tea.  Either I’m out of practice with that or I just didn’t cut enough.  The first pot of Spring was a little weak and grassy tasting (and I know I didn’t get the fescue in that).  Next one will be better.

I put six corn seedlings in the ground because they just weren’t doing well in the greenhouse.  Not sure if it is the container or not, but they seemed to be drying out too quickly.   I side-filled them with compost and spread a layer of straw over the top.  I’ll see how that takes them through April.  Once May comes around, I’ll see how well they survived.  I’m going to try the three sisters this year and I need the corn to get a good head start on the beans.

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