Scratching the Spring Itch

How I played in the dirt today:

Planted begonias, dusty miller, petunias, and dianthus in my front bed.  The begonias are the dark purplish-red and the dianthus is a variegated red/white.  I planted white, dark purple, and variegated white/purple petunias.  Then I scattered a wildflower seed mix into the rest of the bed just for something surprising.  I pulled out the early Spring weeds.  My hostas are looking good and my mums are just going to be huge.

In the back vegetable gardens, I put 4 broccoli and 4 cabbage plants into the ground.  I bought them on a whim.  Never tried to grow either of those before and figured what the hell.  I planted a second line of spinach seed (the first was two weeks ago) so that I can hopefully spread out the harvest some.  Started corn, carrots, pumpkins, watermelon, and eggplant by seed in the greenhouse.  I know it is a little early for the pumpkins, but my boys picked out those seeds and so I had to let them plant some.  I saved most of the seed for later.

My zukes and squash have just gone gangbusters, pushing out of their little peat cylinders with spidery roots so I chose the four healthiest sets from each and potted it in a larger cup.  Thinned out my turnips, they were crowding each other.   I only really grow them for the greens, but I still need a good set if I’m going to eat up a mess.

I love the musty damp living smell of a greenhouse.

Peppers.  I should have bought peppers.

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